Algarve: Europe’s most famous secret

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The Algarve (south of Portugal) is wisely promoted worldwide as Europe’s most famous secret.

It’s easy to understand why this secret is a favorite destination for European tourists—especially British, German, Dutch, French and Spanish tourists. Many of them refer to the Algarve as The Paradise.

Breathtaking landscapes, amazing gastronomy for sea food lovers, kind people, gorgeous beaches, spectacular golf fields, bird watching, a History full of castles and fortress. The Algarve is all of this and much more. I know what I’m talking about, because I live here and know many secrets. 😉

The official Portuguese department responsible to promote the Algarve has made a WONDERFUL video about the region. With a heart-touching soundtrack, they focus on the beaches, the golf fields, the landscaping. We don’t see the modern atmosphere of the Algarve. I also miss the very rich History that appears in castles, forts and other things. But I am sure that you will LOVE the video just like I do.

Watch it now … and you will understand why this place is so amazing. I mean, why this place is Paradise.

Video » ALGARVE » Europe’s most famous secret

Note — Featured cities to visit in the Algarve: Alvor, Portimão, Lagos, Silves, Vilamoura, Monchique, Sagres, Vila Real de Santo António, Albufeira, Mexilhoeira, Carvoeiro, Faro (the capital). I believe you will love all of them.

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