Ana & Joana: an interesting gift shop to visit in Silves (Algarve)

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Tourists love to visit typical shops in the Algarve to buy souvenirs. The shops in Silves have a special touch. Among them, a favorite is Ana & Joana.

It is almost impossible to visit the Historic Center of Silves without seeing this shop. Reason? It is right in front of the Turret of the City Gate, which guarded the city centuries ago.

Map with the location of the shop in Silves
Understand the location. The red balloon shows the shop Ana & Joana. The blue arrow marks the Turret of the City Gate. (Green arrow: Café Inglês, a restaurant. Pink arrow: Silves Castle.)
The Turret of the City Gate, before the shop Ana & Joana
Following streets up through the Historic Center, we arrive at the Turret of the City Gate. We cross it through a passage on the left. (Note the large nest at the top, at right? It’s a stork nest, which has been there for many years, always in use. Silves is full of storks in warm seasons … and tourists love to watch them.)
Entrance to the Turret of the City Gate
We cross the historic entrance…
Front of the shop Ana & Joana
…and immediately find Ana & Joana.

Ana & Joana stands out for the variety of products. I feel tempted to buy everything. I am gradually filling the walls of my office with travel items (especially items related to History), and some of them come from that shop.

Items linked to the medieval period catch our eyes: statues of knights, bunches of keys, shields, swords, mugs, rings, hourglasses, etc. The shelves are also filled with bijou, regional items, plates, postcards. Items that celebrate Portugal (roosters, plates, towels) are one the most beautiful and original items that I see in local gift shops. And keep an eye on the famous cork products (do not leave Portugal without having bought at least one).

Interior of Ana & Joana, in Silves
Inside Ana & Joana
Inside Ana e Joana, in Silves


To make your life easier, find Ana & Joana right now on Google Maps.

After the visit, do not forget to follow up the streets of the Historic Center a bit further, towards the Castle of Silves. Along the way, visit another famous local shop: Al-Tannur, dedicated to ceramic arts.

Enjoy Silves … and may you buy interesting products.

I live in the Algarve (South of Portugal). My first fiction book, for young adults, was published in 2001 in Portuguese language — a time travel adventure that won thousands of readers. I also wrote some travel and tech books and manuals.
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