Dinner cruise in Cairo: a clever idea for short trips to Egypt

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cruise on the Nile River is one of the most exciting things of tourism in Egypt. In fact, it is my favorite during this trip. 

The popular cruise happens on the south of the country, from Luxor to Aswan, and vice-versa. 

During the navigation along the enigmatic river, we watch shows of typical dances, enjoy several meals, swim in the pool, drink at the bar, etc. 

Amazing experiences also take place off the ship, which docks in some cities. People then go out with their tour guides to visit temples in Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, and other places. 

Tourists who have no opportunity to add a cruise to the travel plan face a frustration. How to visit Egypt without at least one experience on the Nile? 

To those people, I suggest a dinner cruise on the Nile River, when they are still in Cairo

A dinner cruise on the Nile River
Example of boat used for dinner cruises on the Nile River, Cairo area. (Narrow your expectations in terms of quality of the boats. For instance, if a boat is officially promoted as five stars, expect quality compatible to four or three stars.)
Entrance to a boat dedicated to dinner cruise in Cairo

The event lasts for almost two hours, cruising in Cairo area only. During the dinner, tourists watch shows of typical dances. 

After all, it is an experience on the Nile. Not as intense as it should be on a trip like this, but enough for the tourist go back home with a wide smile. 

Interesting, Damas. How can I make a reservation? 

Ask your travel agent. He or she must organize the team in Cairo to drive you to the boat at night and then back to the hotel. 

Usually, customers pay for the meal at the end of the event, like in a regular restaurant. Or the food may be included in the price charged by the travel agent, but with drinks paid separately. 

Nile River cruises are magical moments that we never forget

Tables set to a dinner cruise in Cairo
Tables ready for dinner in a boat in Cairo.
Typical dances during the dinner show
Typical dances are part of the show.
Belly dance during the cruise in Cairo area.
Belly dance.

Er… Damas, I might have a cruise on the Nile River included in my travel itinerary. But now I am willing to join a dinner like this, in Cairo. Is it worth it? I mean, maybe it’s too much? The regular cruise in the South and the dinner cruise in Cairo? 

Oh, why not? One other adventure on the Nile River is never too much. Egypt is fascinating, always ready to amaze you more

I do hope you live this unforgettable emotion. With the blessing of the good Egyptian gods, of course. 😉 

Have a nice dinner… and lots of fun. Much fun.

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