Café Inglês: a restaurant in the Historic Center of Silves (Algarve, Portugal)

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A charming day trip in Silves’ Historic Center easily makes us discover Restaurant Café Inglês. The restaurant is just a few steps from the Silves Castle and right next to Silves Cathedral.

The rustic atmosphere takes advantage of a historic building. The friendly service is there day and night to offer a decent food and refreshing beverages — especially beer and orange juice.

Hey, Damas, this is a special tip for History lovers like me.

Exactly. Tourism and History are always a perfect combination.

Castle of Silves
Part of Silves Castle. Just to the right, out of sight in this photo, is the restaurant. (Here I am at the rear of Silves Cathedral.)
Restaurant Café Inglês seen from the outside with stairs
These stairs lead to the restaurant.

A place full of History

Exterior area of the restaurant in Silves

Where to seat

I do not like to choose a table inside. It is outside that we feel all the captivating ambience. 

There are two external areas: the one that appears in the photo above — after we follow those stairs up — and a terrace accessible by other stairs. 

The first area has the advantage of the shade of leafy trees in case your visit happens in Summer (Silves is disturbingly hot at this season). And we look directly to part of the cathedral. Meanwhile, the terrace,  in open air, turns to be a sightseeing point, from where we see much of Silves, including the cathedral and the imposing walls of the castle.

Rustic, exterior area with flowers
Pay attention to details: wood ovens, vines loaded with grapes, plants covered by flowers.
Terrace with view to Silves Castle
Part of Silves Castle
The flag that always moves me: the flag of Portugal.
Terrace, chimney, and the castle
Viewpoint of Silves in the terrace of the restaurant

Don’t forget the Portuguese beer and the orange juice

I only eat pizza at this restaurant. The other options are not suitable to me. I am a vegetarian, and the Algarve is terrible for people who eat like me. Therefore, I cannot review the menu in general. 

But I can say that you must enjoy your meal with a delicious Portuguese beer (Super Bock!). Or do you prefer something more natural? In this case, be sure to try an orange juice

There is a good reason to talk about this juice. Orange from the Algarve is considered the best in the world (I agree!). Especially the orange harvested in Silves. Therefore, it will be fortunate for you if your visit coincides with the season of oranges.


Good food, Portuguese beer, Algarve orange … and History

A toast with beer and orange juice

Find Café Inglês in Silves

I have already pointed Silves Cathedral and Silves Castle as references. But we can be more precise, so here is the link to find Restaurant Café Inglês on Google Maps.

Map with Restaurant Café Inglês, in Silves
The red balloon shows Restaurant Café Inglês. Note the proximity of the cathedral and the castle.

Have a nice meal … with plenty of History to enrich your soul.

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