Where is Cleopatra’s tomb?

Hello, Damas! I’m going to Egypt soon, and seeing the tomb of Cleopatra is a top priority. I wonder if you can tell me where it is and if you have tips for this visit.

Hello! It’s a pleasure to talk with people who are passionate about Egypt.

First, let’s make one thing clear. I believe you refer to ‘Cleopatra VII’ — the famous Cleopatra often featured in books, documentaries, motion pictures (I’m sure that Elizabeth Taylor comes to your mind).

Cleopatra in a wall painting.

Unfortunately, visiting her tomb is not possible yet.

The location of Cleopatra’s remains is one of the greatest enigmas of Ancient Egypt, making researchers rely on hundreds of theories and speculations. Archaeologists sometimes announce the discovery as “possibly close,” but soon, they reach a dead-end again.

The world would celebrate Cleopatra’s tomb as the grandest happening in the country after the uncovering of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. Understandably, this is a fixed idea in the mind of archaeologists who want to shine in History. The famed Dr. Zahi Hawass, archaeologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs in Egypt, has kept this dream as a key ambition in his life.

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No Cleopatra? We always have Tut

Frustrated? Oh no, let’s be positive. There’s a consolation prize waiting for you in Egypt.

Remember that you can see the body of the most popular pharaoh: Tutankhamun. Every time I go to the enigmatic Valley of the Kings in Luxor, I enter King Tut’s tomb and look at his mummy inside a glass box. Can you imagine that? You and Tutankhamun, just a few centimeters away! I’ll soon show this visit in detail.

Tomb of King Tut.
Tut Ankh Amun: the entrance to the most famous tomb among tourists in Egypt.

So, instead of Cleopatra, will you visit Tut?

Of course I will, Damas!


Before we finish here, I have to say one thing about Cleopatra. We must recognize the motion picture Cleopatra, with Elizabeth Taylor, by its value in cinema history — it’s a classic, after all. Historically, however, the masterpiece has many mistakes, not to mention all the dramatic license.

Oh, wait, there’s one more note. You still can’t see Cleopatra’s tomb, but Elizabeth Taylor’s tomb… yes. 😛 You can find it at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California.

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