Vienna: Visit a cafe that honors Sigmund Freud

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On my most recent trip to Vienna, Austria, I went to the famous Freud Museum. A very interesting visit, by the way, and I’ll show you it in details here, with lots of photos and a video.

Today’s tip is about a place right next to the museum: Cafe Freud. That was a nice surprise.

Visit the place now with me. Take my hand.


Cafe Freud

In front of the Freud Museum, I looked to the left and saw a small esplanade on the sidewalk with white little tables. A coffee shop, for sure. When I saw the name, I found it very logical, and also a smart marketing strategy.

In front of Cafe Freud
The Freud Museum in the background.

Freud Cafe

Cafe Freud, Vienna

I had to enter there. I’m very curious, always exploring everything during my trips.

I discovered a charming, friendly space with attentive staff. The decor is mainly dedicated to (guess what!) Sigmund Freud. It preserves an old touch, with a certain atmosphere of “grandma’s house.” And there is a special detail: a table reserved for Dr. Freud. Like if he was still alive and about to get there! Amazing!

Inside Freud Cafe

Inside Cafe Freud
Wait! There’s MOZART too!

Inside Cafe Freud

The interior of the Freud Cafe.

Cafe Freud, in Vienna: A table is reserved for Dr. Freud.
Please do not occupy this table. It’s reserved for Dr. Freud. He’ll be here soon.

Did you like the place?

Very well. You probably read this post because you appreciate Freud’s work. Then, go to Freud Cafe after visiting the Freud Museum. You then sit down, relax … and consume your holy caffeine. Who knows, maybe Dr. Freud gets there just in time?

Freud and momBut be careful. He might say, “It’s your mother’s fault.” 😉



The address is Berggasse 17. Locate it now on Google Maps.

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