Felucca rides in Egypt: The ‘singing kids’ of the Nile

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Felucca rides on the Nile River are very popular among tourists in Egypt. Felucca is a small, traditional, primitive wooden sailing boat driven by a native.

Felucca rides in Egypt

Sailing on the Nile River, I saw something very interesting. I suddenly met the “singing kids” of the Nile.

The singing kids use rudimentary mini boats to approach the feluccas. Very smart and kind, they know popular songs from many countries. By paying attention to how a tourist speaks, they identify where he or she comes from. Then, they sing a popular song from the tourist’s country. This is heart touching, and this is how the kids usually get what they want: a tip, or baksheesh, as we say in Egypt.

Felucca rides in Egypt

Felucca rides in Egypt: Singing kids

It’s very interesting, heart-touching. But, at the same time, we must admit that this is sad. They are poor children trying to survive.

So, if you find them, please take your wallet and give them some money. They are extremely humble. They don’t want to just ask for money. The kids prefer to offer “a service” in exchange for the money.


Felucca rides in Aswan: The Hotel Old Cataract
We see here the Hotel Old Cataract. It’s strongly connected to the great writer Agatha Christie. She was a guest there, and the hotel was an inspiration when she wrote Murder on the Nile.

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