Hot news about the long-awaited inauguration of the Great Egyptian Museum

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Egypt is always a fascinating subject. Since 2015, one of the greatest expectations there has been the inauguration of the new museum in Giza. The country will replace the traditional Cairo Museum with the Great Egyptian Museum.

It’s a grand project, and it couldn’t be different, because everything about Ancient Egypt must be grand. To make it all even more appealing, the area of the new museum is very close to the Great Pyramids (see the opening photograph in this article). Imagine the thrill of being around. What a great day in your life!

An Egyptian minister already talks about inauguration and ticket prices

It is then understandable why the Egyptian government wants to present the work as “a gift from Egypt to the world” and as “the largest archaeological museum in the world.” At the inauguration, we predict kings, presidents, and celebrities from several countries (I want to be invited!).

People often speculate about when the Great Egyptian Museum will open. After all, the government has delayed the inauguration several times. When authorities said that 2020 was the deadline, more doubts arose, although they were working hard. (Update – See notes at the end.)

Front of the traditional Cairo Museum, that will be replaced after the inauguration of the Great Egyptian Museum.
Soon we will say goodbye to the traditional Cairo Museum. Thanks for everything.

But apparently, the big year will be this 2020. The Egyptian press already publishes about this, citing that it will be at the end of the year — they do not specify a month. They credit the information to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled El Enany.

In fact, the media has already mentioned the price of admission: 25 dollars (12.5 dollars for students).

So… will you have the privilege of this magnificent visit?

My excitement is skyrocketing. I saw the construction works last year. Impressive! That area is really HUGE!


May 2020 — Because of Covid-19, I don’t believe the inauguration of the Great Egyptian Museum will happen this year.

March 2021 — Still the pandemic. I don’t know when the inauguration will take place.

Good luck to all the Egyptian people!

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