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Skull Island: Google Maps shows where King Kong lives

‘Kong: Skull Island,’ the 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is a reboot of the famous franchise and brings now the giant gorilla back to our attention.

But this island…

Are you curious to know where it is? Well, you and millions of people are. Google Maps, my travel companion, thankfully comes to help us. Just for fun.

The map service has already made some fun by showing famous fictional places. For example, locations linked to Batman, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and even Santa. King Kong joins now the group — and here comes the Skull Island.

Google Maps shows the famous island precisely in the South Pacific Ocean, almost on the Equator. To locate it, follow here. What’s even funnier: People can write a review (yes, you read it right!). I mean, the fortunate ones who survived the visit. [Update — May 2020 — I disabled the two text links on this paragraph because those pages do not exist anymore.]

Skull Island on Google Maps
Screenshot from Google Maps: The island appears near the Equator.
Google Mapas shows the island.
A little closer. This is my limit, no satellite view. I do not dare.

If you feel a bit of an explorer about Skull Island, visit this official page:



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