Learn Portuguese in the Algarve

Living in the Algarve (south of Portugal)? Want to learn Portuguese with a native speaker? Send a message to me so we can talk better.


Telegram message: @GlaucoDamas

I am the author of this travel blog. Its original Portuguese version is online since 2010 and receives thousands of visitors every month. I also have experience as an author (published books), a publisher (books), a translator (books) and even a task as a screenwriter. I also teach Portuguese for some people. As a native speaker, I love this beautiful language.

Learn Portuguese


You can choose private or small groups.

I never create groups. If you prefer to be in a small group, come with your friends.

For whom?

From 15 years. No age limit. In fact, I have a very special pleasure in teaching elderly people. You’re 80, 90 and want to learn Portuguese? Great!

I teach those who still need the first steps in Portuguese or those who already have intermediate or advanced knowledge. We can also work on improving your Portuguese for work (doctor, for example).

There is no definite material. I create learning according to your needs, no matter if you prefer the original Portuguese from Portugal or the Portuguese from Brazil.


You choose where to learn Portuguese here in the Algarve: My place, your place (home or work).