Restaurant in Alvor (Algarve): Pôr-do-Sol is a good choice

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If you are looking for a good restaurant in Alvor, drive your attention to Pôr-do-Sol. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in all the Algarve. I’m always there with my family, because I live in the region.

Very clean, with delicious food, reasonable prices and AMAZING staff, the place is a hit specially among British and German tourists since the 80’s.

Interesting recommendation, Damas. By the way, what’s the meaning of the name?

Good question. The name of the restaurant means “sunset” in Portuguese (sol = sun).

Enjoying the beautiful, acclaimed sunset that we see in the Algarve, come now with me to know this restaurant.

Front of the restaurant in Alvor.
Pôr-do-Sol is a favorite restaurant in Alvor.


Staff & Atmosphere

The staff is more than amazing. They are all extremely kind, lovely, funny. They talk to the customers, make them laugh. Cândido, Rui and some others become our new friends.

People feel like home there, in a family atmosphere that looks like a dear grandma’s house. Consequently, Pôr-do-Sol proudly keeps a high customer loyalty.

Tourists who come to Alvor every year usually book tables in restaurants for the next trip, and Pôr-do-Sol is not exception. Many times I hear things like “Hey, we’re in October. I’ll be back next April. Please, book a table to me.”

Entrance of the restaurant in Alvor: Pôr-do-Sol.
A restaurant in Alvor with a family atmosphere.
Main room of the restaurant.
Cândido (looking at the camera) is the soul of the restaurant. So is Rui, here at left, cutting a piece of meat.

The staff is one of the best in the Algarve

The food

The kitchen is open, at the reach of our eyes. We can see how clean and organized it is.

Good meals come from there. Steaks and fishes are the best ones. And maybe you will choose some fish. After all, you are in the Algarve, where fish is a tradition. Consider to try the popular cataplana and fried shrimps with garlic and pepper.

What about vegetarians?

Oh… If you are a vegetarian, there will be only two simple options in the menu. Honestly, they are not good. Restaurants in the Algarve usually don’t pay attention to this. Sad!

Some customers and the kitchen.
A meal (with shrimps).
One other meal.
Other meal.

But … before your main course, do not dare to miss the delicious olives they serve. Especially the black olives. You know: Portuguese olives are the best in the world. I eat a lot of them. Really, a lot! They taste even better while we drink the fabulous Portuguese beer—and I recommend Super Bock.

Beer and olives.

I believe you will enjoy the dessert too. They prepare some of them in front of your table, using fire. The preparation turns to be a show, and the customers love to take pictures.

There’s the spirit of Portugal here

Typical in a restaurant in Alvor: Old wine being served.
Ask about old Portuguese wines. This one was a Vintage 1980.
The bar.
The bar.

Location & Contact

The address is Estrada de Alvor — Vila Marachique. Follow this link to locate the restaurant on Google Maps.

The telephone number is +351 282 459 505. Especially in Summer, it’s important to book a table in advance.

Before you go…

Have you ever seen an almond tree? They are abundant in the Algarve.

Damas, where can I see at least one?

There is an almond tree in front of Restaurant Pôr-do-Sol.

Almond tree.

Have a nice meal. A happy meal, I believe.

Good luck.

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