Thermal water: Add this ‘miracle’ to your travel bag to Egypt

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Water. Water. Waaater. WATER. This is a frequent thought during tourism in Egypt – except in winter, which is high season there.

What few people know is that, on hot days (or much of the year in Egypt!), to drink water should not be the sole concern. There’s a special water for men and women to spray over the skin… and it can save the tourist’s day. It’s an effect that – with a good touch of drama – I call “miraculous.”

Thermal water

What is it?

Thermal water is very different from the regular tap water or mineral water we drink daily.

What’s the difference in terms of water sources?

It is not excessive to say that men and women should use it

In a water source, water flows through it towards the surface of the Earth. In the process, minerals are dissolved in the water when it passes through underground rocks. If collected correctly, the water is pure and clean, and usually has a neutral pH.

When talking about thermal water, we refer to a naturally hot water source. Heat is produced by water rising from within the Earth’s crust. Heated water can hold more dissolved solids than cold water. Therefore, hot springs have higher mineral content. Here we find all the claimed benefits. Its use for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes reaches antiquity. Even today, places rich in this water attract tourists who seek health treatments or simple relaxation.

Oh… I don’t know, Damas… I am not yet convinced of the advantage of bringing this water to Egypt. It’s easier and cheaper to buy a small bottle of mineral water right there to cool my skin on hot days. Or use tap water!

If there weren’t so many differences, do you think I’d insist on thermal water? Do you think I’d make you spend for nothing? There’s no hidden interest here. I do not use promotional links for the purchase of this type of product. 😉

Because of this blog and my travel agency specialized in Egypt, I recommend thermal water to many people, and all of them – men and women – thank me later. Before my suggestion, by the way, most people had never heard of this water.

Thermal water in Egypt

The heat in Egypt can be overwhelming. To make matters worse, many visits happen in wide open areas, and even in deserts. You, a visitor, are not used to the weather. Therefore, you are more likely to be uncomfortable or ill. I call your attention particularly to children and the elderly.

It is necessary to prepare for unusual climate conditions. No extra care is too much

In more complicated moments, when we feel bad due of very high temperature and dryness, thermal water comes as a “holy savior.” I sprinkle it into my arms, neck, and especially my face. If you don’t mind sprinkling on the scalp (usually easier for men), the effect will be much better. That’s why I never forget my scalp.

Good. But I insist, Damas: Wouldn’t it be the same if I use mineral or tap water?

No. And, frankly, I don’t know how to explain the effect that thermal water has on us. It is much more intense than any other water.

There is an immediate sensation of freshness, relief, hydration. And the sensation lasts MUCH longer than if I had used nonthermal water. I pull myself together and gain energy to continue.


I cite three examples of a recent trip in Summer.

It was terribly hot the day I entered the Pyramid of Cheops again. I repeat: to enter. To enter the pyramid. Imagine the high temperature and the muffled air.

In the middle of the complex path inside the pyramid, towards the tomb, I was not feeling good. Hot weather is really not for me. Winter is my friend, and for this reason some people call me Penguin.

I was in doubt about completing the visit. I paused to rest, leaning on a huge rock that was part of the wall. After deep breathing, I sprayed thermal water all over my face, arms, neck, scalp (from a small bottle that I was carrying in my pants pocket). In less than two minutes, I was ready to continue, feeling confident again.

Glauco Damas inside the Great Pyramid.
Happy and thrilled… inside the tomb. Mission accomplished. And all the way back was waiting for me.

That Summer, something similar happened when I visited the Temple of Edfu and the Temples of Abu Simbel (real feel of 55°C / 131°F). With no thermal water, I don’t think I would have finished the visits.

A good example of the use of thermal water in Egypt: the Temple of Edfu.
The exact point where I was feeling bad in the Temple of Edfu. Oh, blessing thermal water! In the blink of an eye, I was ready to continue.

How to bring thermal water to Egypt

Be practical. Ideally, buy small bottles of thermal water. During the tours, you will easily carry them in your purse or pocket.

Important note — Don’t expect to buy thermal water in Egypt. Buy your thermal water before the trip.

Also, remember not to carry the bottles in your carry-on luggage. They would be confiscated during airport security checks.

Recommended brands

Keep an eye on France’s famous thermal waters. There are plenty of great brands to choose from. I particularly recommend La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Uriage, Avène.

Thermal water La Roche-Posay.

With or without thermal water (but preferably with this water if it’s not Winter), I wish you live amazing days in the fabulous Egypt. 🇪🇬❤🤍🖤

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